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  We are so happy when we receive pics of our puppies from their family...here are some below and love the stories sent with them... We are proud of all of our puppies, they are very intelligent and graceful..Our Puppies are eager to please, this makes it so easy to train them...their desire to please and be accepted into their family is achieved with little difficult..they are loving and gentle, some of our puppies are running and jogging companions, some are therapy dogs...all are beautiful and very happy with stable personalities and are good with children and other dogs. The Portuguese Water Dog and Standard Poodle are highly intelligent dogs, each Porti-Doodle is truly unique in its appearance either displaying the PWD or the Poodle characteristics in coat and personality.

Granddaughter Charlie and Otis
Kona/ Porti-Doodle
Kona   a Female Porti-Doodle
West and Porter, male porter doodles

(Henry) video /Lash Larue all grown up.

The colder the better. Thanks mom and dad!! #rattyandsprinkles #henrythewaterpoodle

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Gimili's Adventures. 

 with Darrell J. and XiaoWen ...Gimli on the bow. Gimli demonstrating his PWD heritage! He did great. He jumped off the boat into the water and swam to shore where XiaoWen  was. Adventurous puppy!

."Gimli (Ranger) has adjusted to Colorado very well! Every morning we go for a walk (early - around 5:30 or so). He's been to a couple of local parks and watched me play soccer with a group from work. We've been to the Veterinarian's office, the workout gym, the grocery store, over to a friend's house, and Puppy Pre-school. 

Cecee Porti-doodleTherapy dog

Lash Larue at his home with Heather and Justin R...waiting on new little brother, Porter to arrive.

Lash Larue /male Porti-Doodle Puppy

more of Lash Larue at his home 

Miss Etta Grace, with her family..Glenn H. (love, love her brown on her nose, has her mother's eyes for sure!

Grace a female porti-doodle dog

above,Glenn H. (glennshirsh@gmail.com)/ below:Drifter on vacation with his family, Julie M.2014

adult /male Porti-Doodle Puppy

Maddie/ Ken R. little girl..aka "Miss Tilly" 

 /male Porti-Doodle Puppy

Cooper as a puppy.

/male Adult Porti-Doodle Puppy

Below is the handsome "Bentley", son of Chris and Amber H. , Mt. Home, Ark..love all these wonderful pics. Included is a pic of him as a puppy.

Bentley in snow
Bentley as a puppy
Bentley , South Creek Past Puppies
Bentley making a mudhole
Bentley covered in snow