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Lucas and best friend on fishing day

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South Creek Puppies offers an one year Health Guarantee on genetics on our Porti-Doodle Puppies..if you desire to fill out a questionnaire,  you can copy and send to just contact us with any questions with our Contact Form and we will be happy to send you the short questionnaire.

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Heart of the Ozarks
South Central Missouri, Missouri, 65775


Why Buy One Of our Puppies?

1. hypoallergenic

2. non shedding

3. intelligent /easily trained

4. excellent family dog for children

5. life time support

6. one year health guarantee

7. hybrid vigor,("Hybrids have a far lower chance of exhibiting the disorders that are common with the parental breeds. Their genetic health will be substantially higher."1. P.D. McGreevy & W.F. Nicholas, Some Practical Solutions to Welfare Problems in Pedigree Dog Breeding, Animal Welfare, 1999, Vol 8, 329-331)

8. Vet examined puppies, current on vaccinations.

9. excellent temperament of parents

10. the best of both breeds...pwds' intelligence and beautiful coat, poodles' energetic and playful personality.

jellaca female porti-doodle
Tessa/ female porti-doodle