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Lucas and best friend on fishing day

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South Creek Puppies offers an one year Health Guarantee on genetics on our Porti-Doodle Puppies..if you desire to fill out a questionnaire,  you can copy and send to just contact us with any questions with our Contact Form and we will be happy to send you the short questionnaire.

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Heart of the Ozarks
South Central Missouri, Missouri, 65775


Why Buy One Of our Puppies?

1. hypoallergenic

2. non shedding

3. intelligent /easily trained

4. excellent family dog for children

5. life time support

6. one year health guarantee

7. hybrid vigor,("Hybrids have a far lower chance of exhibiting the disorders that are common with the parental breeds. Their genetic health will be substantially higher."1. P.D. McGreevy & W.F. Nicholas, Some Practical Solutions to Welfare Problems in Pedigree Dog Breeding, Animal Welfare, 1999, Vol 8, 329-331)

8. Vet examined puppies, current on vaccinations.

9. excellent temperament of parents

10. the best of both breeds...pwds' intelligence and beautiful coat, poodles' energetic and playful personality.

If you prefer, you can copy and send the answers to our email for the Application below verses downloading and sending the PDF form. please provided complete answers.

South Creek Puppies

Thank You for your interest in one of our Puppies.

This puppy is a hybrid puppy from a Portuguese Water Dog and a Standard Poodle…We personally have been raising them for 6 years… We find it a wonderful combination of the two breeds genetically…The puppies remain with Blue skin and webbed feet…and most importantly are hypoallergenic and non shedding. …These puppies are very intelligent, active and inclined to be eager to learn and please their master!..My puppies receive their first 2 vaccines, a micro-chip, a full health examination and are paper trained prior to shipping…I do request that you take the puppy to the vet within 72 hours of receiving to have a check up and arrange future vaccines..Our Puppies are pet only.

Please, take a few moments to answer just a few questions so that we may know if one of our puppies is what is best for you and your home…Please fill this out fully, we keep this information in our puppy file and for future contact.

1. Tell us about your home, and family and where the puppy would get

2. Tell us if you have had a dog or puppy prior, and what was your dislikes and likes owning one?

3. Tell us where you are located and what areas the puppy would have for activities, such as a fenced yard, parks, oceans…etc..?

4. Tell us when you anticipate receiving a puppy and whom is planning
responsibility of his care and training. (We do request that you
take a puppy class with your new puppy or tell us you know
the basic commands to train the new puppy) ?

5. Please tell us anything else that you feel is needed to disclose why you
are seeking a puppy for your family and what you are looking for in a
new puppy? What you are desiring in a puppy, coloring, personality?

6. Does a member of your family suffer from allergies to dogs?

7. What gender do you prefer in your puppy? Are you willing to accept
either/or in the event that gender is not available?

8. Do you plan to breed your puppy?

Please state how you became aware of our puppies, where you saw
our advertising or by a friend.etc.?

Name: _____________________
Address: ___________________
Phone: _______________________
Date: _______________
Email Address: ________________
Facebook Page:________________

Wanda Watkins
Phone: 417-204-2211

jellaca female porti-doodle
Tessa/ female porti-doodle