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                         Home Of The Porti-Doodle where puppies are Happy, Healthy and                                              Hypoallergenic!     (please read Hypoallergenic clause)

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Please fill out our questionnaire and we will be happy to discuss with you placing one of our Puppies as a new member of your family. Contact us to see what puppies may still be available. Welcome to our puppy page.. . puppies must be 8 weeks of age before leaving our home.

Porti-doodles are a medium sized dog at adulthood. They weigh on the average between 32 lbs to 46lbs. This depends greatly on the size of the parents.

We still have a few puppies in our litter remaining for new homes. Please contact for the ones that are still remaining.

We have openings on our future waiting list to contact when they are born, we can add your information to our waiting list folder, if you would like. Please fill out the questionnaire below, if you have difficulties in filling this out, just read it and send the info by email. (We now have the form available to fill out and submit on our page below).

All of our dogs are in excellent health, heart, eyes, hips,elbows, teeth, lots of health and strength in their lines. Our puppies are home raised with children and other pets in our house and have very calm yet energetic personalities. They come with a Health examination, 2 sets of vaccinations, pet health record, health guarantee, micro-chip and puppy  package of information, life time take back policy and support.

Our new puppies have arrived, please contact for availability. Note: We will have Puppies ready for their new homes in End of January.

Cala Cao/ female Porti-doodle
Juliet JuJu Bug/female

Puppies no longer available below. 

Bauser/Male Porti-doodle
Bauser/Male porti-doodle
Bauser /Male Porti-doodle available
Puppies are no longer available below.
teddy, male porti-doodle
brown Male, Porti-doodle
green male

puppies below are not available.

Murffy /male Porti-doodle Puppy
Sadie/Female porti-doodle (not Available)

Puppies below are no longer available.

Souffy/ Female porti-doodle

.Porti-Doodle Puppies from last litter..Feb. 21, 2015

The puppies below are no longer available.

below:Brosnan/ new family Sheila and Tom F. Hamilton, Ohio

Gordie/ (not availble) 


Ranger/Male available (pending)



Leon (pending)

Shantilly Lace and Gordie  

 Jordy /male available

Brosnan, porti-doodle male

Tilly, a female/new family  Ken R.

Tilly, a female porti-doodle

Elsa, a female/new family Brian & Tarma C., Fergus Falls, MN 

Elsa, female porti-doodle

Harley, a female porti-doodle puppy / no longer available

Harley, female porti-doodle

Puppies from our last litter below.

Bella CaoPudel, Porti-Doodle Female, New home with C. Walker, Concord, CA

Bella LOu Pudel

Nellie O'Day, Porti-Doodle female, new home with S. Johnson, Okemos, MI 

Nellie O'Day , Porti-doodle puppy

 1. Glu /male,  2. Lash Larue/male  3. pic of litter,   4.Nellie/female, 5.Bella/female..  6.Glu again   7.Callie Cao Pudel/female   8. Nellie again....

Shyla and 11 new puppies..DOB: 5-18-2014

 Below.. Meet Cooper, with a charming, gentlemen type personality..Cooper is happy go lucky, loving and loves to cuddle. Cooper is a therapy dog in a childrens home  In Mississippi.

 Contact us today to learn how you can bring home one of our puppies to be a part of your family.

 look for additional pics of puppies below. .enjoy our page.


 last  litter as puppies

Hypoallergenic clause

All dogs shed at least some hair, but some breeds shed a very minimal amount and are considered hypoallergenic, including Poodles, Shih-Tzus, Malteses, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, and many more. 

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, there are a variety of breeds that do well with allergy sufferers. These dogs have a predictable, non-shedding coat which produces less dander. Dander, which is attached to pet hair, is what causes most pet allergies in humans.



The Standard Poodle and PWD are considered non Shedding dogs.

  • Poodle
    The Poodle comes in three size varieties -- Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The breed is exceptionally smart and active, needing daily exercise. Their trademark coat requires regular professional grooming.
  • Portuguese Water Dog
    An athletic breed, the Portuguese Water Dog needs vigorous daily exercise and would do best with a very active family. PWDs are intelligent, loyal workers. Their waterproof coat requires regular maintenance.

35 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed – (Small, Medium, & Large Breeds)

Is there such a thing as a dog that doesn't shed and is hypoallergenic?

The answer is yes (mostly), you absolutely can live in a fur-free house and not suffer from allergies.

In fact there are over 30 different breeds of dog to choose from! So let's go through them all with a bit of detail and decide which dog is perfect for you.

But first we need to talk about a few misconceptions about non-shedding dogs...You heard that right, there is no such thing as a dog that doesn't shed.

But some breeds shed a lot less, to the point where they appear to not shed at all! That's what we have listed here.

You're not completely off the hook though, even non-shedding dogs needs regular maintenance. Just like human hair, your dog needs to be brushed, bathed, and have routine haircuts.

Galager, Porti-Doodle ,Male ,new home with A. Abbott,Telluride ,CO .

past male portidoodle

Glu Gulager, Porti-Doodle Male, E. Clark and family,


Glu Gulager, a Porti-Doodle puppy
Lash Larue, a Porti-Doodle Puppy

 Lash Larue, Porti-Doodle, new home with J. and H. Ratliff, Highlands Ranch, Co


Mojo, Porti-Doodle Male, New home with S Morgan and family. Smithton, IL.

Mojo, a Porti-Doodle Puppy

Five weeks old...the crew had a play time in kiddy pool and a  big yard adventure. (hover over pic for name)hh

Some of our past Porti-Doodle puppies.. Heston /"Drifter" is in his  forever home with his best friend and  Mom, Julie M.

Drifter, Julie M. best friend.
Lucas, South Creek Puppies, Porti-Doodle

Brogan..below, some fun in the snow..Burr..happy and loved much with E. Ust.

Braxton in his snow nose.

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Portuguese water dog Doodle makes an excellent companions for everyone. They can be very easily trained to carry out complex commands due to their intelligence and agility. Although they are independent in nature, they prefer to stay by their master’s side. They are hypoallergentic!


looking at the latest litter of pups last night and she loves your white pup with black around his eyes.  I think if cash flow was better, we would have a second pup on order.Paul and Wendy S.

Marley is in her new home & exploring! We already love her..Thank you for everything!

Heather & Ryan D., South Central Missouri, Missouri | 417-204-2211