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Please access out application or give us a call, we would be happy to discuss our current puppies with you. Please fill out our questionnaire for faster process and we will be happy to discuss with you placing one of our Puppies as a new member of your family. You can also contact us by our contact form below if you do not hear back from us -we sometimes have issues with our email-just give us a call . 417-204-2211. Our puppies must be 8 weeks of age before leaving our home. Porti-doodles are a medium sized dog at adulthood. They weigh on the average between 32 lbs to 46 lbs. This depends greatly on the size of the parents. All of our dogs are in excellent health, heart, eyes, hips,elbows, teeth, lots of health and strength in their lines. Our puppies are home raised with children and other pets in our home. Porti-Doodles have very calm yet energetic personalities. They come with a Health examination, 2 sets of vaccinations, pet health record, health guarantee, micro-chip and puppy package of information, life time take back policy and support.Be sure to visit our "past puppies page" for updates by owners on their puppies. references are available.

Our new puppies  have arrived. We have Puppies ready for their new homes. If you are serious about having a puppy join your family give us a call or an email. We have videos available.Piper and Fynn's puppies are ready for their new homes, 

Lash Larues /male Porti-Doodle
Lash Larues /male Porti-Doodle
Lash Larues /male Porti-Doodle
Duke/male Porti-Doodle
Duke/male Porti-Doodle
Duke/male Porti-Doodle
Puppies no longer available below.
Tucker/ Male Roan Porti-Doodle
Rudy Male/ Roan coat Porti-doodle

Harlow/Male Porti-Doodle
Loki / female Porti-Doodle
Ajay/male Porti0-Doodle
Cooper/ Male Choc/ white
Loki Female Porti-Doodle
Bella/female  Porti-Doodle
Puppies below have found their new homes.
Osgood/ Male Porti-Doodle
Bella /female Porti-Doodle

Fun in the Pool. Tom F. 'S 3 year old Porti-Doodle named Archie. (Brosan as a puppy) Good looking boy. Thanks Tom for sharing.

Posted by SouthCreek Puppies on Friday, June 29, 2018

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Shilo/ Male Porti-Doodle
blue Ivy/ Female puppy
granddaughter, Charlie and Pawsha/female Porti-doodle
Pawsha/ Female Porti-Doodle Puppy
Blue Ivy /female Porti-doodle

Puppies no longer available below. 

Puppies are no longer available below.

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Puppies below are no longer available.

.Porti-Doodle Puppies from last litter..Feb. 21, 2015

The puppies below are no longer available.

below:Brosnan/ new family Sheila and Tom F. Hamilton, Ohio

Tilly, a female/new family  Ken R.

Tilly, a female porti-doodle

Puppies from our last litter below.

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Portuguese water dog Doodle makes an excellent companions for everyone. They can be very easily trained to carry out complex commands due to their intelligence and agility. Although they are independent in nature, they prefer to stay by their master’s side. They are hypoallergentic!


looking at the latest litter of pups last night and she loves your white pup with black around his eyes.  I think if cash flow was better, we would have a second pup on order.Paul and Wendy S.

Marley is in her new home & exploring! We already love her..Thank you for everything!

Heather & Ryan D., South Central Missouri, Missouri | 417-204-2211