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A Port-Doodle is a beautiful and intelligent dog, but with it comes the responsibility to learn about it's uniqueness. most responsible breeders take great links to insure the puppy application answers have been answered fully and any questions have been asked. Puppies have been placed in good, well-meaning homes, only to be abandoned later because they weren't what the buyer expected. As a responsible Breeder we take great effort in finding a suitable home/new owner for our hand raised puppies so both the puppy and new owner have a great start, both understanding the other.

As the new owner you would prefer to be without surprises and a puppy deserves to go to a home that will love him forever. Take the time to learn about this breed and be sure it's what you want BEFORE you buy. Everyone loves the looks of a pretty new puppy, but not everyone can live with one or provide the necessary attention required. We ask many questions to understand the best match for your new companion - which is just as important for you as it is the puppy.

Fill out the Puppy Application fully and send the application by email. Sorry we no longer download the application due to so many viruses .The Puppy Application has no right or wrong answers it just gives us a point of beginning. It helps identify misconceptions or problem areas for your situation or environment for your new puppy. It also promotes discussion and questions otherwise neglected. It helps identify your environment and the personality of the companion required.

Note: if you are interested in a certain puppy, let us know immediately, we send out pictures dailly to others.
Phone/E-mail Contact - At this point you may have many questions or the need for additional information that's best answered by direct contact. As Breeders we are available to answer your questions pre adoption thru the life of your companion (See Contact Info Below)
Adoption Approval - Once approved - an E-mail confirmation with information on the Process of selecting an available puppy or reserving a puppy from our future litters.
Review the information on our website, Totally familiarize yourself with the Breed and its Characteristics.
Select a Puppy or Litter and Place a Deposit to reserve your selection. (See Payment Methods below)
Hurry Up and Wait. Pups Go To Their new Homes at 8 Weeks Old (56 Days from Birth). About 10 Days Prior to their Go home Date we start their Paperwork and plans for either Picking them up at the Kennel or Flight Arrangements. This Process Starts when we generate an e-mail for additional information. Info needed from you includes Closest Airport, Preference of Date/Time, who will pickup the puppy and the information, correct name/address for shipping pick up at the airport (ID required at airport and must match the flight ). Final Invoice for the Balance will be generated. We take Pictures every 2 weeks to keep you up to date on their progress.
We also at this time send you a New Puppy Information letter, to help you locate the food we use so you can continue using the same high protein, it helps prepare for pickup and what you will need to do so.

Wanda Watkins
South Creek email
Phone: 417-204-2211


The Following are the only accepted types of payment.
Postal Money Order - Postal Money Orders are purchased at the Post Office. Call for info.
Pay Pal - Pay pal is an online payment processor. We can Invoice you thru your e-mail address and accept payments online. they will walk you through the steps to pay the invoice. We can place the terms on the invoice and this also helps us keep track of the puppy and payment.
Deposits- A $400 to be placed on the waiting list /application required or $400 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy.
Deposit on a Porti-Doodle Puppy will hold the puppy of your choice until puppy is weaned and ready for shipping) so that health certificates, final payment, shipping and/or pickup arrangements can be arranged. Pups are available for pickup or shipping at 8 weeks of age. Note: We do not release pups prior to 8 weeks in the best interest of the new pup.
Pups will not be held until deposit is received or payment cleared unless agreed upon.
We will Not return the deposit if we have no contact from you for weeks and you fail to make arrangements/respond to phone call or emails on the need to make these arrangements. Puppy can be resold and the deposit will be forfeited unless other arrangements are made.
When reserving unborn puppies, the same $400 - $400 non-refundable deposit is required.
Deposit will be applied toward the purchase of another dog or puppy in the event that the desired puppy is not born, or is not available, i.e. Male/female. The deposit will not be refunded for puppies due to cancellations.
Only full payment is excepted on pups/adults ready to go. No Exceptions!!! Full payment is required on pups by 7 weeks of age unless otherwise agreed. Deposit can-may be forfeited if pup is not paid in full by agreed date.

In general we are not in favor of SHIPPING puppies for short trips but with the distance to most customers it become necessary to Air Ship our puppies - The process can bestressful for the new puppy, we prefer each puppy to be picked up and when possible will meet you reducing the trip. At a point, long riding in car/ trips become more stressful on the pup being picked up than a short flight would be. A Good Rule is if the Drive exceeds 10 hours it is likely in the Puppies best interest to fly (not to mention the owners). Just imagine if you were car sick for a 10 hour ride. There are measures that can be taken to help the auto ride. (ask)
When distance dictates air shipment we ship nationwide out of The St. Loius Airport.
All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, Currently, an 8 week old . Summer temp causes some airlines to not participate in the shipping of animals due to their lack of climate control areas
Shipping cost is based on the size of crate and the weight of the puppy. As the puppy grows the rate will increase, if we agree to hold the puppy for a few weeks , you are required to pay the additional cost of the flight shipping rate and any other medication etc needed at that age.

                                                               The Process

*****The process is relative easy, once you submit the questionnaire located on this website/ send the answers to our email. We keep this in our puppy file for each puppy. However, I can send one by email for you to fill out and return to us.

These answers to our questionnaire allows us also to know what kind of puppy you are desiring, male/female. active etc..We want our puppy to be happy with his new family as well as the family receiving a lifetime member that is loving , loyal and protective and will be a good fit within your family. We keep this in the puppies file as well as reference of new ownership.

Once you choose a puppy, place a deposit down (nonrefundable , but, we do let you choose from the next available litter if something should arise that prevents your taking your puppy on time) We send weekly updates with pictures so you can watch your puppy mature. At the 7th week of age we require the balance to be paid in full  plus shipping if needed. (on our website we have info about the shipping process on our "shipping page").

The day of shipping the puppy receives his micro-chip and a full health check from our vet. He arrives in a crate for you to return home with at the airport. The papers and puppy food is attached to his kennel. The puppy arrives at the closest airport to you that does accommodate for puppy shipping. If the puppy is picked up in person the final payment would be due at that time . We do take payments such as a layaway plan for our next available litter.

We use PayPal for our transactions,we will send you an invoice that arrives at your email. We are available by email or phone at any time to answer questions.

let us know if you are interested in a puppy as soon as you are for sure ,since we do send out several emails daily and can not wait days for a returned answer. It is the best to call to reserve a puppy.


Attention all new Porti-Doodle Puppy owners.

It will help you learn the steps involved in adding a new member of your family.

On this website we have additional information, we have a puppy care page and some training tips. Please familiarize yourself with puppy illnesses and a puppy care what you would need to do if that would happen so you can discuss it with your vet. If your puppy is running a fever, never allow your vet to administer any vaccines. Keep in mind a puppy is like an infant,, vaccines can cause a mild temperature and make them fill a little ill. It is important that you take your puppy to the vet withing 72 hours to get a check up and schedule the next immunizations the puppy will need to complete his immunity to the outside world.

You will need to take with you the vaccination record we send with you to the vet. This record will be attached to the top of the shipping crate you return home with your puppy in (do not throw these papers away) Your puppy has had 2 prior vaccinations but is not fully immune to puppy illnesses until vaccinations are complete. Do not allow your new puppy to chew on out side things, lick or dig in dirt or drink out of any water sources that is not sterile. Your puppy is healthy and we have introduced him to environments to help build his immunity but, do take precautions to assure he does remain healthy.

Our puppies are generally not too picky eaters, we do recommend you continue to feed the brand of puppy food they are use to and if your vet wants to change this, slowly do this by mixing it with the new puppy food. Some of our puppies are still eating soften puppy food, if your puppy does not eat the hard food, moisten it with purified water. We use well water and the puppies are not use to the additives in tap water, so it is recommended that you use purified or spring water. We feed a high protein and learn more about chosen a good puppy food on the Nutrena website, you can find the closest store to you at this link. You will need to lower the protein level at 14 months of age.

(The day of shipping if shipping is needed,) the puppy will visit our vet for a health certification showing the puppy is free of any health concerns, a copy will be sent to you with other records on top of the crate. It is VERY important that the shipping name I have placed on flight information matches your ID that is required to pick up your puppy.If in doubt I do have the correct information, please resend the full name, address and the phone number to the person picking up the puppy.

The micro-chip will be given at this time. The micro-chip will need to placed in your name to register, the website to register the chip is

Our shipper arranges all air flights in the best interest of the puppy, generally the closest airport to you. you will receive a flight schedule one week prior to his arrival when it is returned to us. We can only schedule a flight one week in advance due to weather changes.We will need to discuss prior what day you wish the puppy to arrive on a Tuesday or Friday after the puppy turns 8 weeks of age.

Final payment of your puppy is due on the 7th week prior to arranging the flight. We will send an invoice for this to your email.

We send updates on your puppy weekly with pictures. Some times this is delayed a few days due to our having time to take pictures and edit them so please be patient. We love seeing the puppy grows, so please send updates and we will be happy to post the pictures or video of your puppy on our Facebook page and website.

We hope you enjoy your new addition to your family, We strive to breed our puppies in having loving personalities,intelligent and are healthy. We want our puppies to be happy in their new home and want your experience to be care free so you can focus on bonding and training your new puppy. We do want you to take your puppy to a training class, this assures you that your puppy will be well behaved and you will be in control of the puppy as he matures. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call or email away.


Wanda Watkins

South Creek Puppies Phone: 417-204-2211