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Some of our past puppies...
Kasha, porti-doodle
Brogan..a Porti-Doodle Puppy
Lucas as a puppy

with Darrell J. and XiaoWen

Posted by South Creek Puppies on Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Welcome to our home page. We have been raising Porti-Doodle puppies going into our 6th year..Our pups has personality , a fantastic stable temperament , lots of stamina and playing drive, they are hypoallergenic and do not shed . Porti-Doodles are  intelligent, quick learners with excellent attention span , focus , and very loyal with great desire to please. Their love for the water is intense and is a strong natural swimmer .

.. All our pups come with two sets of shots, de wormed, veterinarian check and certificate, shipping crate, micro-chip and pre-spoiled.They will have started their potty training, and start on simple commands by 8 weeks..They will be ready to go to from our home to your home. .
Please visit our "Available Puppy" Page for our recent litter available.

 Please visit our available puppies page for information on our puppies we have available. 

Brogan as a puppy

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Portuguese Water Dog Doodle makes an excellent companions for everyone. They can be very easily trained to carry out complex commands due to their intelligence , agility and energetic personalities. Although they are independent in nature, they prefer to stay by their master’s side. Porti-Doodles are hypoallergenic like the Portuguese Water Dog and the famous Hypoallergenic/non shedding, Standard Poodle coat! They are a very loyal member of your family.<meta name="ientry_id" content="0b3f179bc3">


"looking at the latest litter of pups last night and she loves your white pup with black around his eyes.  I think if cash flow was better, we would have a second pup on order.Paul and Wendy S.
"Marley is in her new home & exploring! We already love her..Thank you for everything!"
Heather & Ryan D.
"I am the owner of "Braxton" (who is now Brogan) and the STAR of your website!! He is the best, funniest, healthiest and most stubborn "Big boy" I have ever owned!! I would recommend your puppies to anyone!! "
Eileen, S., NJ

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