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South Creek Porti-Doodles
Some of our past puppies...
Kasha, porti-doodle
Brogan..a Porti-Doodle Puppy
Lucas as a puppy

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Welcome to our home page. We have been raising Porti-Doodle puppies going into our 6th year..Our pups has personality , a fantastic stable temperament , lots of stamina and playing drive, they are hypoallergenic and do not shed . Porti-Doodles are  intelligent, quick learners with excellent attention span , focus , and very loyal with great desire to please. Their love for the water is intense and is a strong natural swimmer .

.. All our pups come with two sets of shots, de wormed, veterinarian check and certificate, shipping crate, micro-chip and pre-spoiled.They will have started their potty training, and start on simple commands by 8 weeks..They will be ready to go to from our home to your home. .
Please visit our "Available Puppy" Page for our recent litter available.

 Please visit our available puppies page for information on our puppies we have available. 

Brogan as a puppy

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Portuguese Water Dog Doodle makes an excellent companions for everyone. They can be very easily trained to carry out complex commands due to their intelligence , agility and energetic personalities. Although they are independent in nature, they prefer to stay by their master’s side. Porti-Doodles are hypoallergenic like the Portuguese Water Dog and the famous Hypoallergenic/non shedding, Standard Poodle coat! They are a very loyal member of your family.<meta name="ientry_id" content="0b3f179bc3">


"looking at the latest litter of pups last night and she loves your white pup with black around his eyes.  I think if cash flow was better, we would have a second pup on order.Paul and Wendy S.
"Marley is in her new home & exploring! We already love her..Thank you for everything!"
Heather & Ryan D.
"I am the owner of "Braxton" (who is now Brogan) and the STAR of your website!! He is the best, funniest, healthiest and most stubborn "Big boy" I have ever owned!! I would recommend your puppies to anyone!! "
Eileen, S., NJ

South Central , Missouri | 417-204-2211

South Creek Puppies reserves the right to be solely responsible for whom they choice to become an owner of our puppies based on multible reasoning as to provide a new home of our puppies at any time within the transaction agreed upon verbally or in writing if we fill  that it is the best interest of our puppy. New owners should be aware that the relationship between the new owner and South Creek Puppies is a continued relationship through the life of the dog.Copyright (c)southcreekpuppies